Interview With The Self Proclaimed ‘Bin Laden Hunter’

Sarge talked to us about his time in Afghanistan, his reaction to bin Laden’s death and why he made that stupid training video to an Izzy Stradlin backing track.

SC: OK. In your blog you mentioned that you met with a bunch of government agents and Russian agents just before bin Laden was caught and killed, do you think this had anything to do with what went down?

S: Well you see…there’s only so much I can tell about intel sources but the Russian connections are here, they’re here in Los Angeles and these are people that I knew beforehand and I was put in touch with them actually through a guy from your country, an Englishman, and he said ‘you know, these guys have extensive knowledge of Afghanistan and the region obviously because of the war with Russia in the 80’s and I was basically meeting with them to see what kind of support I could get within the Russian government should I run into any problems while I was over there. Could I call on them or any of their resources to get me out of trouble? That’s basically what that meeting was about, I don’t think it was connected with bin Laden’s ultimate fate.

SC: OK, so what are your plans now that bin Laden has been killed? Are you going after that Zulkifi Abdhir in the Philippines?

S: Yeah, that’s the plan right now. In fact, I think I’m gonna head out there shortly, well at least within the next couple of weeks. Bin Laden’s dead but this idea of jihad and these crazy extremists looking to kill innocent people for Allah or whatever isn’t ending. Just because bin Laden’s dead, I don’t think it’s really solved any problem. I’m glad he’s gone but…

SC: Well yeah, it doesn’t sound like he was in charge anymore anyway…

S: Well no, he wasn’t, and now you get all these people coming out of the woodwork saying ‘we’re gonna come back, we’re gonna retaliate, we’re gonna strike America, Europe, we’ve got nukes’ so they’re just as crazy as they’ve ever been, if not crazier. So i gotta look at what I know. Where are my strengths? I lived in the Philippines for two years; I lived in Thailand for about two years so in South East Asia I’m in my element. When I’m in Afghanistan or Pakistan, I’m not really in my element, I don’t really want to be there, I don’t like the local customs – It’s just kind of an uncomfortable place for a whiteboy to be.

SC: Yeah I can imagine it being kind of awkward…

S: Now when I go to the Philippines, I blend right in. In fact, the people there love me and I’ve got a pretty good network of people that are in some powerful positions. So, if I’m gonna get any jihadists, if I’m going to get any terrorists then that’s the best place to start looking.

SC: OK cool, so are you confident that this is going to work?

S: Yeah I’m always confident, I mean I wouldn’t be doing this if I thought I was going to fail.

SC: So is this the future for you, as a kind of jihadist bounty hunter?

S: Well I don’t want to be called a bounty hunter. I’m not in this for the money. I’m in it because…. what’s the West’s answer to these Jihadist bastards? I mean we can slide back and just be like great we can let the military handle this, they’ve got it under control…Well it took them almost ten fvcking years to find bin Laden

SC: That’s a long time

S: That’s a really fvcking long time. Meanwhile everyone’s saying ‘leave it up to the professionals, just sit at home, watch TV, crack open a beer and try not to think about this stuff.’ Well, if these guys are willing to explode themselves and fly aeroplanes into our buildings then there’s gotta be an opposite side of that coin. There’s gotta be Americans or Westerners or rational thinking people who are willing to take matters into their own hands. So that’s me, and I gotta believe that there are more people like me who are willing to do this and who aren’t scared of dying at the hands of these crazy bastards. Because honestly, I’m not.

SC: Well have you found anyone to go with you yet? You had a buddy with you in Afghanistan right?

S: Yeah, he’s coming with me. Since this story broke I’ve had people find me on Facebook and my website whatever and I had one guy just yesterday pledge to donate as much money as he can and he wants to come with me…

SC: That’s awesome

S: It’s crazy. i had one kid a couple of days ago tell me he was doing a school project on his hero, and all of a sudden he’s like ‘dude, you’re my hero, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,’ so I mean a lot of people are starting to show up and say ‘this is a pretty cool thing what you’re doing.’

SC: That’s cool. So I gotta ask you, what about that training video you made? What’s that about?

S: (laughs) Yeah, well, yeah, you know when I was going over there the plan was to document everything, and so I bought these gold pro HD cameras, I don’t know if you’re familiar with those?

SC: Nah, not really.

S: Ok well anyway they’re these waterproof, head mounted HD cameras and I just bought them like the day before and I was testing them out in my swimming pool…

SC: Yeah the footage actually looked pretty great in terms of recording quality….

S: Yeah, it’s a great little camera, and yeah so I had ten minutes of footage and edited it down into this little video, and I was listening to a lot of Izzy Stradlin at the time

SC: Very cool

S: So I just stuck an Izzy song on and made a little video. So yeah it was just testing the cameras pretty much.

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