Interview With The Self Proclaimed ‘Bin Laden Hunter’



Sick Chirpse has been with Sarge from the beginning, since he began his hunt for bin Laden and set up the website documenting his ordeals. Following the surprise death of bin Laden a few weeks ago, a lot of mainstream media outlets like NBC and AOL have been interviewing Sarge about his experiences in his hunt for bin Laden. However, Sarge hasn’t been too happy with some of the coverage and because we were there from the beginning and he trusts us, Sarge spoke to us via Skype to try and convey his real story. Here’s the full transcript of the interview:

Sick Chirpse: Hey Sarge how you doing?

Sarge: I’m good man, how are you doing?

SC: Yeah I’m good.

S: So you’re in England huh?

SC: That’s right.

S: Right on, what time is it over there?

SC: 9:30.

S: Right on. So you’re one of the first people to ever find me on the internet man.

SC: Yeah, I don’t really know how it happened. I was just checking out who was following Sick Chirpse on twitter and saw that one person was called hunting bin Laden and I was like what the hell is this, so I clicked on it was like WOAH this is completely crazy!

S: Ha ha yeah, I guess the name hunting bin Laden is not too typical for a twitter follower.

SC: Yeah, it really stood out from the pack. So I checked out the site, enjoyed it and wrote my original piece about it and then a few months later bin Laden actually got found! It’s insane!

S: Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. It was like the last thing that I was expecting but it’s truly incredible.

SC: Yeah I mean aside from you it didn’t seem like too many people were that interested in finding him anymore. Despite his association with 9/11 it seemed like most of the world had given up on ever finding him, nobody ever really talked about him. I still can’t really believe it happened. It came completely out of the blue.

S: Yeah, it’s like completely out of the blue and that was like my whole thing, why I wanted to do this – nobody seemed to care. It’s been almost ten years since 9/11 and it just seemed like most Americans didn’t think about it, didn’t want to think about it and well, it didn’t sit too well with me – I mean this guy flew planes into our buildings. I even asked a lot of people around here questions like what do you think about this? Why hasn’t bin Laden been caught? How do you feel about him not being caught? And believe it or not, a lot of the responses I got were ‘it’s a government conspiracy,’ ‘it’s all about money,’ ‘we’re protecting him,’ and this was more than 50% of the responses I got. This didn’t it too well with me – I wanted to do something about it.

SC: So do you believe that bin Laden is actually dead now? There are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about his death too.

S: Yeah, I mean, I believe he’s dead, yeah, but are we being told the 100% official truth? My hunch is maybe not, but I do believe he’s dead.

SC: Ok, if you would have found him and killed him would you have made the body available?

S: Yeah, I would not have dumped it in the sea and not released pictures, I would have made sure….actually if you remember, before I took it down I said I was going to kill him and put him in a double line trashbag and deliver him to ground zero

SC: Well that would have been a lot better than what happened, you know?

S: Yeah i think it definitely would have been a bit more symbolic than dumping his body in the sea.

SC: Yeah, I mean when Saddam got caught you saw all that and the brothers in graphic detail…

S: Yeah we saw that. They were dead. They couldn’t be more dead.

SC: Yeah, there’s definitely something fishy about it

S: Yeah something is not right. What’s the general sentiment like over there in England? How do people feel about this?

SC: Everyone seemed pretty excited about it – it wasn’t like America with people dancing in the streets but people seemed pretty stoked that he had finally been found. That is until all this controversy about the body emerged. A lot of people can’t really believe it either because it’s been so long.

S: Yeah it’s pretty amazing that they got him.

SC: Ok so obviously you’re glad that they got him but are you upset that it wasn’t you personally he got to do it?

S: No, not really, I mean, did you see the Huffington Post article they did on me?

SC: Yeah I read that.

S: Yeah I didn’t like the headline they put on it, ‘bin Laden hunter Mike Bruggink expresses disappointment’ and I mean like, I was disappointed for maybe one second, I mean there was literally like one split second when i was like ‘damn, I wish I was the guy’ but I have to look at the big picture and I’m very happy that the guy’s gone. So yeah, I’m not disappointed at all – would I have liked to have been the guy? Sure. But I also know the chances of me catching him were never good. I never counted myself out, but at the same time I knew it was a pretty tall task for me to catch this dude.



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