The Internet Thinks That Jason Sudeikis Was High When He Accepted His Golden Globe Last Night


The Golden Globes is one of the most prestigious award nights in Hollywood, but thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic they were once again held remotely and this meant that there were a bunch of celebrities wearing somewhat questionable fashionable choices rather than the standard tuxedo, with Jason Sudeikis copping the most stick after he turned up in a tie dye hoodie and appeared to be high.

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Sudeikis won the award for Best Actor In A Comedy or Musical for his titular role as a football coach in ‘Ted Lasso’ and explained that he was wearing the tie dye hoodie because he was seeking to promote his sister’s dance academy. However, if that was just the first clue as to his state of intoxication, many more of which were dropped during his actual acceptance speech.

Take a look at this below and see what you think:

Errr what was he trying to say there? I guess thanks to everyone who worked with him on the show, but it was certainly a convoluted and overtly complicated way of getting there wasn’t it? Very reminiscent of that one stoned guy at a party trying to tell a story that simply isn’t going anywhere. Glad that he eventually realised this and wrapped it up really quickly, although maybe we should give a shout out to Don Cheadle for helping out with that one as well.

Obviously the internet was pretty quick to jump on him over his behaviour, but most people just thought it was pretty funny and were fairly sympathetic towards him considering he has just got a divorce:

Thanks for making our Monday morning a little more entertaining Jason. We appreciate you!

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