The Internet Thinks That Drake Is Admitting He Slept With Kim Kardashian On New Song ‘Wants And Needs’

Shots fired.

Everything hasn’t been great in the world of Kanye West recently after Kim Kardashian finally filed divorce papers against him a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s looking like they might be getting even worse as the internet thinks that Drake is admitting to sleeping with her whilst they were still married in his new song ‘Wants And Needs’.

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First, a bit of background on this whole situation because I didn’t actually know anything about the beef that existed between Kanye and Drake – or I’d just forgotten about it – and it seems like it’s being going on for quite a while. Apparently Drake was first annoyed with Kanye for letting Pusha T know that he had a secret son after Pusha T used this information in a diss track about him; there were then rumours that Drake’s song ‘In My Feelings’ was about how he slept with Kim K to get back at Kanye for this.

Drake didn’t do anything to quash these rumours at the time and this led to Kanye posting the following unhinged rant calling him out about it. Of course it did:

Anyway, Drake dropped the ‘Scary Hours 2’ EP last night and people are thinking that the song ‘Wants And Needs’ is basically him admitting to the world that he had sex with Kim K as he even namedrops Kanye in it. Have a listen and see what you think – I highlighted the crucial lyric below that:

Yeah, I probably go link to Yeezy
I need me some Jesus
But as soon as I start confessin’ my sins, he wouldn’t believe us

I mean maybe? And the timing of it would certainly be astute wouldn’t it? The internet is losing its collective mind over it though, so you would think that there might be some truth in the idea:

Yeah, they aren’t playing there are they?

Presumably this could actually cause a whole load of shit for Kim Kardashian in the divorce settlement because Kanye could use the fact that Kim cheated on him as grounds not to split his fortune with her or something? Not that she really needs it because she’s probably worth almost as much as him if not more, but you know, it could really throw a wrench in the narrative.

We’ll see how everyone responds I guess because you just know Kanye is probably going to come out with something here. Absolute scenes I imagine.

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