Drake Showing Off About Wearing A $1,000,000 Outfit Is The Cringiest Video On The Internet

What a bell end.

If you’re a normal person who gets on Instagram and shows off how much money you have, people think you’re an utter twat and that you’re compensating for having a tiny dick or something.

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When it’s a rapper doing it however, it’s usually good for a laugh so long as its done in a way that’s suitably outrageous, ridiculous or OTT in a way that only rappers can get away with.

Well Drake has ticked absolutely none of those boxes as he just stands there taking himself super seriously as he lists the design and price of every single item of clothing he’s wearing – amounting to $1,000,000. Yikes:

I mean I like Drake’s music and all but he just comes across like a bit of a bell end IRL. People don’t want to see you being measured and boring while you flaunt your riches, they want to see cash flying all over the place, big booty ho’s twerking all around you, and champagne popping in every direction. Maybe throw a couple of cars or a yacht in there. He’s just taken the whole thing way too seriously.

Look, Floyd Mayweather knows how to do it properly:

Just completely ridiculous and OTT – the way it should be when you’ve got more money than you know what to do with.

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