The Internet Is Calling This Guy A Psychopath For The Way He Carries His Pizza


So disrespectful.

Most of the news stories we’ve seen on pizza have been people defacing it with disgusting toppings, like spaghetti and pineapple, or this candyfloss and cheese monstrosity.

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But now it looks like this guy has discovered a whole new way of continuing the campaign to ruin pizza forever – by carrying it like an absolute psychopath.

Someone on Imgur uploaded a picture they had taken of a man spotted on the street carrying his pizza vertically. It wasn’t long before the image made its way to Twitter and let’s just say, the reaction is less than favourable:

OK, so these reactions might be a little bit OTT – it’s the definition of a first world problem. But still, that guy is a dick for carrying those pizzas like that. The toppings and cheese must’ve been smothered all over the cardboard lids by the time the pizzas made it to their destination. Sort it out, mystery delivery man.

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