Inter Goalkeeper Tommaso Berni Has Played 0 Games For Inter But Has Been Given 2 Red Cards In 2020

What a legend.

Being a third-choice goalkeeper has to be one of the greatest gigs in football. Just hanging out with the lads and being paid handsomely to stay in shape with practically zero pressure on you.

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Even still, 37-year-old Inter Milan back-up keeper Tommaso Berni has picked up his second red card of 2020, despite having played 0 games for the club since joining in 2014.

Berni, who was on the bench during Inter’s 2-1 victory over Parma on Sunday, was dismissed for dissent (talking shit to the referee). The same thing happened back in January when he sarcastically applauded the referee or sending off Lautaro Martinez. Lol.

I bet they absolutely love him in the Inter locker room. Never gets a game but still a legend who keeps everyone in check and backs the team 100%. I mean he’s basically a mascot at this point who just hangs out on the sidelines shouting abuse at referees on behalf of his teammates.

Despite spending 6 years at the club, playing 0 games and picking up 2 red cards, Berni is getting PAID:

Also seems to have a pretty good home life too:

Good for Tommaso Berni. The guy clearly has life all figured out.

To watch a Middlesborough fan urinate in the goalkeeper’s water bottle during a game, click HERE. Bang out of order.


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