Instagram Travel Influencer Exposed For Having The Same Clouds In Every Picture

Not again.

Another day, another Instagram influencer exposed for their fraudulent behaviour.

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This time we’re looking at Tupi Saravia, who has been called out by a guy named Matt Navarra on Twitter for having the exact same cloud formations in a whole bunch of her pictures where she’s supposedly hanging out in exotic locations having an excellent time. Take a look at this and see what you think:

Yep, definitely seems like she loves adding those clouds in on every picture doesn’t it? The only real question here though is why would anyone actually do that? Doesn’t really seem to make any sense, I mean by all means touch up your photo a bit with some filters so that it looks completely sick, but surely someone was gonna clock sooner or later that she used the same cloud formation in every picture and that was gonna be a source of embarrassment? I don’t think that adding those clouds in even makes the pictures that much better or anything do they?

Really weird and frankly bizarre behaviour from her as I just can’t see how this would give her an advantage and how she didn’t see it ending in failure. Can’t get my head around it, especially as it’s just changing the clouds and it seems like she went to all these places anyway and they would look absolutely sick with or without that particular cloud formation. I guess this is the world we’re living in now though.

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