This Girl Had Everyone Fooled With Her Instagram Travel Photos



Amelia Liana is someone who has been claiming to be (yet another) “fashion, beauty and travel blogger”. Like the world needs more of those.

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She found popularity on social media due to her regular Instagram posts, which show her flying to various locations across the world and enjoying picturesque scenes and an affluent lifestyle.

Some people appear to have it all… but appearances aren’t everything. Several of her followers have noticed that her incredible experiences might not be all that authentic. She was found out after some onliners pointed out her dodgy Photoshop skills:

Another pointed out that this picture of the Shangri-La hotel in London strangely enough had Liana’s own bed in the room:

Here’s what the room’s meant to look like:


And here’s what Liana’s bed looks like:

Too easy, Liana. While we’re here, check out this abysmal Photoshop attempt:

Since the various allegations against Liana have come out, she has taken to twitter with this argument:

  1. I aim to produce unique and visually inspiring images.
  2. All my imagery is actually shot at the time in the location I specify.
  3. I strive as far as possible to present images that have been shot using natural light and in real conditions.
  4. Instagram is now a very established platform that I have been using  for over three years. During this time the developments for photographers, artists, influencers and all social media users have become very exciting,  and I’m always striving to find new techniques to make my imagery progressive and aesthetically pleasing representations of an authentic scene. I like to develop my skills and may use all available techniques to enhance, sharpen or smarten my images. This may include improving the light, tidying the background and other enrichments, but always in a way that is representative to the true setting and always in a way that reflects my aesthetic.
  1. I never use editing techniques to alter my body or my face – what you see is how I am….
  2. I always declare any sponsored advertisements and I’m always mindful of the brand partners I choose to work with.

I guess the moral of this story is, don’t believe in everything you see on social media, because most of it is fictional or at the very least, exaggerated.

Speaking of which, check out this former Instagram model who edited her posts to reveal the truth behind the photos.


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