Instagram Is Removing The ‘Following’ Tab So You Can No Longer Stalk Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Great news.

As per TechCrunch, Instagram has confirmed it will be removing the ‘Following’ tab from the app, a feature that became better known as a stalking tool than one to aid with new account discovery.

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The feature allowed users to keep track of photos and videos everyone in their follow list was liking or commenting on.

So if you’re someone who uses Instagram to mainly follow, like and comment on the profiles of Instagram models, anyone else who follows you could see that under the ‘Following’ tab.

You see this couple fighting here?

There’s every chance that fight kicked off because of the ‘Following’ tab on Instagram. It’s the place every girlfriend and boyfriend (OK mainly girlfriends) go when they want to find something to fight about.

If you’ve liked a picture of an attractive girl who you’ve been platonic friends with since childhood you best believe your girl is starting world war 3 over it. And it’s all because of the ‘Following’ tab baiting you up.

Well you no longer have to worry about that because no one, not even your significant other will be able to see what you’ve been liking on Instagram anymore. As the VP of IG says:

Not sure I catch his analogy about shipping there but the point is the ‘Following’ tab is going for good. Good riddance!

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