Instagram Model Uses Semen As A Face Mask In Order To Look Younger



There are a lot of weird beauty techniques out there, but this one from 20 year old Instagram model Caroline Lopes is the latest one to cause controversy on the internet as she’s admitted to using semen as a face mask in order to look younger.

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Lopes has 237,000 followers on the social media platform and revealed the news to them over the weekend. Semen is known to contain proteins, vitamins and antioxidants that could contribute to a more youthful appearance, but none of that is actually scientifically proven.

Here’s what Lopes had to say about her unusual face mask:

I’m young, but I’ve always taken care of myself.

I like to put oil on my body, I use several different perfumes, and I take special care of my face.

The face is our postcard, I’ve always heard that from people around me.

I understand that it may seem strange to some people, but I swear it works!

My skin is clearer, hydrated and with a luminosity that I never had before.

I leave the semen on my skin for 20 to 30 minutes and then I remove it.

It’s important to remember each skin is unique and reacts differently to products used in skincare.

For me, the semen face mask works very well.

Before trying this at home, it’s best to consult a dermatologist to evaluate the reactions that semen can do to you.

Lol do you think anyone is actually going to consult their dermatologist about putting spunk on their face before they actually do it? I suppose it’s good of her to explain that everyone’s skin reacts different and people should investigate before using it, but you can still bet that a bunch of her followers are going to just do it anyway. Here’s hoping that it works as well for them as it did for Lopes because we all know that there are no guarantees.

I’m also kind of curious where Lopes gets so much semen from. I doubt she’s taking part in regular bukakes so do her devoted followers just send her some? Or does she have a boyfriend who provides the service? It looks like she has a jar of the stuff so has access to it whenever she wants, which opens up a whole new set of questions about the routine. Care to provide the answers Caroline?

Of course, it doesn’t really matter where she gets it from or that she even puts semen on her face regularly. It’s great that she’s found a process that works for her, even if it has resulted in her being trolled by a bunch of losers on the internet. Go Caroline go!

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