Instagram Model Takes To Streets In NSFW Swimsuit To Raise Awareness For Coronavirus

Just doing her bit (NSFW).

With all the panic around coronavirus, it’s important that everyone does their bit to help combat the disease and raise awareness about the virus and which precautions to take to make sure you don’t get infected.

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If you’re an Instagram model with 500,000 followers for example, it might be a good thing to use your, um, talents to give the world a NSFW hygiene PSA in the middle of NYC. And that’s exactly what Samantha Gangewere AKA @thatboostedchick has been doing:

Well OK she might just be trying to rack up some more followers on her Instagram, but she’s also putting out important reminders like “Wash your damn hands” which is exactly what doctors are saying to do as well. Why not kill two birds with one stone? No better way to get people to take coronavirus seriously than by putting a protective mask on and shaking your gigantic butt.

Fair play to Samantha – some might even say she’s a hero. Let’s hope people take her advice.

For the Leeds student who was sent home from school after charging paranoid classmates 50p per squirt of hand sanitiser, click HERE.

[h/t NY Post]


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