This Instagram Model Is In Trouble For Splashing Her Bum Hole With Holy Water From A Holy Temple In Bali


An Instagram ‘influencer’ couple are under attack after sharing footage showing them splashing each other with holy water at the sacred Beji Temple in Bali.

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Sabina Dolezalova posted a video to Instagram of her boyfriend Zdenek Slouka spraying holy water from a fountain right into her bum hole:

Bali senator Dr Arya Wedakarna slammed the video, claiming the couple were ‘harassing’ the temple, while social media users slammed the pair for their ‘disgusting’ and ‘unacceptable’ actions. Some people even called for them to be blacklisted from Bali.

The couple were quick to apologise on Instagram:

We are so sorry about the video from yesterday. We dishonoured the holy temple and the holy water in Ubud.

We didn’t know it was holy and we are so sorry about what happened.

Anyone else think the Bali people are being a bit harsh about this? After all the term ‘beji’ apparently means ‘purification by the way of holy water’, so if you think about it it’s pretty much the perfect place for Sabina to wash out her bum hole.

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