This Instagram Model Can Put Away 3000 Calories In Under 60 Seconds (VIDEO)

This is madness.

If you’re one of those people who takes pride in how much and how fast you can eat, you’re about to get slapped back down to Earth by Leah Shutkever from Birmingham.

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Instagram model Leah is somehow also a competitive eater and a fitness addict all in one, having made a name for herself previously by eating an entire Domino’s pizza in under one minute and a chocolate orange cake in under 50 seconds.

Here she is eating a whole box of Krispy Kreme donuts in under 60 seconds:

And here she is crushing the Guinness world record for fastest time eating a burrito the other day:

How does Leah do it? Well, she says she ignores all her senses and enters a ‘trance’. She also ‘crushes’ mouthfuls so she can effectively take two bites at once.

If I crush and take one bite, I’m able to swallow and take another bite at the same time.

Eighty per cent of competitive eating is psychological. I breathe deep breaths, I see the finish line, and then I just go.

When I do a food challenge, my brain is mush. I don’t breathe, I can’t smell, I don’t taste. The minute you look, sense or smell you overthink everything.

It just takes that one minute of sheer pressure concentration, nothing else in the head and then it’s over.

Wow, thanks for the tips Leah. But even with that technique, I’m not sure I could crush 3000 calories in under one minute. What I can’t wrap my head around is how you can be one of the best competitive eaters in the UK and still actually be in shape.

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•Greed Rehab• AKA HOW I RECOVER FROM EATING CHALLENGES. The 'Eat more, move more Paradox' – Lets assume a single eating challenge is equivilent in calories to an average persons saturday of binge drinking and eating.. because essentially, calories consumption is what matters. ☝🏽 [Eat 25 calories, burn 25 calories- No weight gained] – Lets assume its sunday, we've all consumed 5000 calories each- your snacks/kebabs/beer vs my food challenge. 1. Ill consume the same amount of calories in a single hour that youve consumed all day. So i have an entire day and I will stay hydrated and active.. calories are being used and I avoid water retention from high sodium intake. 2. Ill taper down my calories to challenge day then taper up afterwards- not complex at all its just an easy way to 'save calories' without being hungry. 3. The next day is a normal day so I carry on my life, stay active and go to the gym, eat clean- no hangovers obviously so no excuses. 4. I dont have a fail safe method, i just do what I can to get myself to feeling 100% before i do any more crazy stunts. Sometimes I add cardio, sometimes I dont- it all depends how my body responds. – So yeah, I obviously prioritise health because Health is important but being a legend es mas importante. ANY QUESTIONS, Ask in the comments and ill get back to you all today – 🖤👀

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The human body works in mysterious ways.

If Leah really wants a challenge though, let’s see how many of these 1000 calorie scotch creme eggs she can wolf down. Diabetes here we come.


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