Instagram ‘Rich Kid’ Fashion Star Selling Handbag He Made Out Of A Human Spine

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An Indonesian Instagram fashion designer is selling a handbag he made out of a human spine that he ‘legally bought’ from Canada.

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Arnold Putra is selling the one-off piece for $5000 and caused a bit of a stir after advertising it on Instagram:

In case you didn’t catch the caption:

Yup, not only is this bag made out of the spine of a dead child, but it’s the spine of a dead child who had osteoporosis. I guess that makes sense if you want the handbag to have that natural curve to it? Then again a healthy child’s spine might be more durable. Oh what am I saying – it’s a baby spine bag. It’s completely fucked up no matter what condition the spine is in!

Responding to critics on his Instagram account, Putra said:

It’s part of a creative learning process that should involve opposition, otherwise it would just be a form of repeated validation. I’m not intending to sell out and will continue to realize my ideas that are frequently changing in terms of subject matter.

Wow. So brilliant and creative and out of the box. Wish I had the idea to make a handbag out of a sickly child’s spine and carry around my stuff in it. If you’re a fashion designer and are not making handbags out of spines, you just desperately need ‘validation’ according to this guy.

What does Arnold Putra look like, you ask? Exactly what you think he looks like:

The most screwed up part about this though is how Putra says the spine was “medically sourced from Canada with papers”, where it’s legal to buy bones from licensed companies that receive human specimens donated to science and sometimes sell them as surplus.

That means that there’s a family out there who donated their dead child’s osteoporosis spine to science in hopes of helping with some sort of scientific advancement or cure, only instead it’s being used by some unknown fashion designer in Indonesia to sell an edgy handbag for $5000. Lol – 2020 just keeps on bringing the hits.

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