Watch This Absolutely Insane Teacher Go On A Crazy Rant About Not Bringing Pomegranates To Class

No Pomegranates

Remember at university when there was that one lecturer who just was so into what they were talking about but instead of his enthusiasm transferring over to his students, it just came across as kind of sad, pathetic and weird?

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Well, this is that teacher personified. Actually, I’m not 100% sure about that because there’s a chance that she’s legitimately insane too, but I kind of want to think she’s acting like this to drive a point home about her subject. Not too sure what that point could be though.

Anyway, just watch the video and question how someone could hate pomegranates so much that it would legitimately make them act like this:

What the actual heck? I mean I suppose like I said you would assume that this is some kind of learning aid or maybe an acting class or something because there’s no context, but even so she’s hamming it up and it’s completely weird to choose pomegranates as the food that she hates because it’s so niche. Not really sure what to make of it at all. Love how the class is completely non enthused too, reminds me of my uni days only too well.

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