Insane Clown Posse Not Happy At Being Named GQ Worst Rappers Of All Time



Here is GQ’s list of the 25 Worst Rappers of all time:

25. Tom Green
24. MC Skat Kat
23. Chingy
22. Joaquin Phoenix
21. Too $hort
20. Will Smith
19. Pro Athletes post-1985
18. Soulja Boy
17. Weed Carriers
16. Brian Wilson
15. Madonna
14. David Bowie and Mickey Rourke
13. Master P
12. Prince
11. Eazy-E
10. The two guys in the black eyed peas who aren’t
9. Pitbull
8. Everyone from England
7. MC Hammer
6. Puffy Daddy
5. Kevin Federline
4. Vanilla Ice
3. Chet Haze
2. Spencer Pratt
1. Insane Clown Posse

☛ More ICP Drama: Insane Clown Posse Suing The FBI

Violent J of the ICP said “Insane Clown Posse has been selling rap records, rocking rap stages and making rap money for over 20 years now. You can’t rack up all that rap success for this long and still be ‘the worst ever.’ GQ magazine should stick to what they know: Dressing preppy metrosexuals.”

BURNNN. Not as bad a burn as being named worst rappers of all time on a list that also features Pitbull, Tom Green and Madonna, but a decent comeback nonetheless.

☛ Date One: OK Cupid Juggalos

To be fair though, this list is terrible. Not very well thought out at all. Too Short one of the worst rappers ever? Eazy E? Everyone from England ever? Dappy from N Dubz is from England, you doughnuts. We won’t argue with the top choice though; ICP are pretty awful. Don’t think so? Check this out:

[yframe url=’’]

The lyrics if you missed them: Water, fire, air and dirt/ Fucking magnets, how do they work?/ And I don’t want to talk to a scientist / Y’all motherfuckers lying and getting me pissed.



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