You Can Now Inhale Vapourised Vodka From A Balloon For £5 A Pop At UK Clubs

Vaporised vodka gets you more wasted.

Vaping has been a big thing in this country for a few years now, so it makes sense that we’re gonna find more things to vape and more ways to do it and that latest trend to hit the clubs is vapourised vodka.

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American firm Vapshot debuted Vodka Mist shots at the Gallery Nightclub in Maidstone in July, where over 1300 shots were consumed on the first night they went on sale. They’re sold for £5 a pop and involve a drop of alcohol being turned into vodka mist and placed into a latex balloon where it is then inhaled.

This apparently means the alcohol enters the bloodstream more quickly than conventional alcohol – meaning that you get more messed up – but it’s also safer than the ways we’ve traditionally consumed it as well. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, here’s what the official Vapshot website says about it:

Vapshot is designed to allow you to experience the fun parts of drinking alcohol while minimising the bad parts.

With Vapshot, you can have a great buzz all night with a much lower chance of having a hangover the next day.

At 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of liquor, Vapshots may even mitigate the possible health issues stemming from the consumption of alcohol in liquid form.

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I mean that certainly sounds like it’s a no brainer doesn’t it, although not everyone is convinced. Andrew Scott-Clark, director of public health for Kent County Council – had the following to say about it: 

Inhaling vodka vapour could be extremely harmful both for short-term and long-term health.

It provides almost instant delivery of alcohol to the bloodstream and the brain, bypassing the metabolism, and the effects are felt very quickly.

The increased absorption can harm the brain and is a particular hazard to young adults because their brains have not finished developing yet.

Obviously this is probably going to be as controversial a subject as vaping regarding the actual health risks v benefits, but I doubt that we’re ever going to actually figure out the truth for a very long time. One thing that is going to be certain though is that we’re going to be seeing these kind of promotions more and more in the next year or so until they’re pretty much part of the scenery in UK clubland. Just be careful with them and you should be OK.

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