These Infrared-Style Photos Show California In A Surreal New Light

Kate Ballis featured

Pink and rosy.

Australian photographer Kate Ballis has aimed to portray an invisible world in her latest series ‘Infra Realism’.

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The set shows California and the Chilean desert, only it’s not what you’d normally see from these areas of the world, as she’s imitated the effect of infrared. The result is this dreamlike and surreal photoset that proves beauty can be hidden in places we’d never expect to find it. She said:

When capturing landscapes I like them to look like paintings and look for colors and patterns. I also like landscapes to look otherworldly and disorienting. I like them to open people’s eyes to the abstract beauty of the world we live in.

What an absolutely incredible collection. For more on Kate Ballis and her work, check out her website.

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