Influencer Admits Starving Newborn Son To Death By Trying To Feed Him Only Sunlight



A ‘radical raw food fanatic’ has confessed to killing his one-month-old son by feeding him sunlight instead of food and water, resulting in the baby starving to death.

What does “feeding him sunlight” mean? It means Maxim Lyutyi, 43, gave baby son Kosmos literally nothing to eat or drink, believing he could survive on sunlight alone. His idea was to use the sunlight experiment on his newborn son, and then when it proved successful, to advertise the diet to others as part of his online influencer gig, and make millions.

Instead, the newborn died of ‘pneumonia and emaciation’ while on the way to see a doctor in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi in Krasnodar.

This story initially made the rounds in Russian media last year, with Maxim expecting to be released from prison this past March after awaiting sentencing for 12 months. He now faces more than eight years in prison for ‘intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm’ after changing his plea to guilty at the last minute last week.

Kosmos was born at home because Maxim refused to let the boy’s mum, Oksana Mironova, go to hospital.

Maxim then started the baby on a strictly vegan ’prana’ diet based on foods like berries that supposedly have a positive effect on the body’s spiritual energy. In the end, he went full ‘breatharianism’, believing baby Kosmos could survive on sunlight alone. Did he think the baby could photosynthesize or something?

Maxim Lyutyi squatting behind a crate of vegetables while he holds a large courgette in one hand and some berries in the other. He has a smile on his face and a hat on his head.

Oksana’s cousin Olesya Nikolayeva said:

‘He forced her not to feed the baby. Her boyfriend believed that the sun was feeding the baby. Oksana was secretly trying to breastfeed the baby, but she was very afraid of Maxim. How is it possible to feed the baby with sunlight? A baby needs his mother’s milk.’

Maxim also refused conventional medicine and would douse Kosmos in cold water to toughen him up.

The 43-year-old has now totally abandoned his raw food lifestyle, starting to eat cooked food during his time in prison.

Oksana’s mum Galina says she knew Maxim was dodgy from the moment her daughter got involved with him:

‘I felt everything, and told her that Maxim was crazy, but she didn’t listen to me. Oksana lived there like a guinea pig. Each time she became colder to me…. She was his slave.’

Oksana Mironova with blonde hair and white clothes.

‘She wanted to leave him many times, but he held her back.

He wanted to raise [his son into] a man who only eats the sun.’

By the time Maxim agreed to let his baby boy go to hospital, it was too late. Kosmos was so malnourished he died before a doctor could even see him on March 8 last year. Medics declared the 3.5 pound baby dead and both Maxim and Oksana were arrested.

Maxim initially tried to blame the baby’s death on Oksana – who has already been handed two years of ‘correctional labour’ – claiming she had an iron deficiency that caused Kosmos’ death. However he finally confessed to killing his own son when he appeared at his final court hearing ahead of his sentencing this week.

He begged the court to consider his crime one of negligence, as he didn’t mean to harm his son intentionally. He told the court:

‘I fully admit my guilt that through my inaction and frivolity I caused the death by negligence of my long-awaited, beloved first-born.

‘I am also guilty that for the reasons stated above, precisely due to frivolity and carelessness, I improperly fulfilled my parental responsibilities, I repent of this.

‘But I assure you that I never starved the child, did not forbid the mother to feed him, never hardened him and never poured cold water on my child.’

The maddest part about all this is that Maxim Lyutyi didn’t even try the sunlight diet for himself, he just forced it onto his newborn son instead. It’s unreal that this guy was making money as a food influencer in the first place. What other nonsense was he promoting if he’s crazy enough to put a newborn baby (or anyone for that matter) on a sunlight diet?

RIP baby Kosmos. Starving to death is unbelievably torturous for anyone, let alone a baby that needs breast milk/formula literally every couple hours in their first year. That just makes the idea of starvation so much worse. 8 years in prison does not seem nearly enough, but we’ll see if Maxim’s fellow inmates allow him to make it that long.

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