Influencer Says She’s Too Hot To Date Because Men Are Intimidated By Her Looks

Tough life.

Another day, another influencer saying something really stupid and this time it’s the turn of somebody called Hope Schwing, who has revealed that she’s chronically single because she’s too hot and men are intimidated by her looks in a video that has gone viral on TikTok.

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24 year old Hope said the following:

@hope_schwingI hope this delivers what was sent♬ how to never stop being sad – –

No one talks about how hard it is to be literally so hot that you can’t get a boyfriend because all men are extremely intimidated by and scared of you.

Being incredibly hot is honestly a curse.

I guess that’s kind of funny? In any case I don’t think that Hope herself was being serious with her comments and it was quite clearly a satirical video that probably doesn’t deserve the attention that it’s received, but that isn’t what everyone else thought and Hope was forced to issue this clarification about it all:

I’ve personally been told and heard women give reasons that they’re single because ‘the guy wants to be the hot one’ or ‘I’m too hot, I’m intimidating him and scaring him away’ – just funny satirical stuff like that.

I thought it was pretty obvious in my video it was satire and me being existential and dramatic, but clearly that wasn’t delivered.

The funny thing is, women commenting are saying ‘this isn’t satire, it’s relatable’ or ‘real’. Men on the other hand are basically flaming me, calling me ugly and almost seeming mad.

Well I guess I’m glad that she’s cleared that up. Maybe her newfound viral fame will mean that a bunch of thirsty men have found their way into her inbox hey? We can but hope.

Also kinda hard to determine if she craves viral fame or not if she was forced to issue this apology? Surely this is exactly what she wanted from making a statement like that? Such a strange industry.

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