Influencer Posts ‘After And Before’ Photo After Getting Breast Implants Removed

before and after

Social media’s gone full circle.

If you’ve decided to take the ‘social media influencer’ route in life, you’ve got to be ready to have every tiny detail of your exterior scrutinised by your followers. Which is why so many people are turning to lip fillers, botox, liposuction and whatever other cosmetic procedures are on trend.

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It was no different for personal trainer Malin Nunez, who previously went under the knife to get silicone textured breast implants.

However, the Australian influencer has gone full circle by deciding to have her implants removed in January after it was revealed the particular type she had done are linked to a rare form of cancer, not to mention a whole host of side effects that she puts down to the surgery.

Since doing so, the mum-of-two has revealed she is proud of her body, taking to Instagram to post a before and after photo alongside the caption:

Before & after – Mom of one VS Mom of two, implants VS no implants, 53 kg VS 57 kg.

This looks more like after & before if you look at most pics on the internet. But this is my before and after and I’m proud of my body.

My body managed to create two beautiful boys, who cares of some extra skin here and there? Who cares if my breasts looks like two dead meatballs? (well that’s what Vincent thinks).

I was so afraid of how my new, no implants breasts will look like, but I like them, because I feel like the real me.

You maybe think that you should look like the left to look good. That’s NOT true! You decide what’s beauty or not with yourself, not anyone else can ever decide that for you.

I mean, fair play to the woman – yes, it’s sad that people feel they need to go under the knife to feel good about themselves, but unfortunately that’s just the age we live in. At least since having kids Nunez has realised what’s important and what beauty really is.

Hats off to her, and hopefully by posting these pictures they’ll help spread the message to other young women who are struggling with body confidence.

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