VIDEO: Dead Moth Gets Inflated

Inflated Dead Moth

Why the hell would anyone want to do this? And why the hell is is way weirder than you would ever imagine?

I don’t know why a YouTube user called Acleris Moth decided to upload a video of him inflating a dead moth but he did anyway. It’s really freaky and weird and also kind of confusing.

I guess if you were thinking about inflating a moth, you would just expect it to get bigger and bigger until it exploded, but that’s not what happens at all, not by a long shot. Instead, this one weird tentacle bit of the moth – which some YouTube users have speculated is its dick – gets really inflated and big and then retracts again. It’s very David Cronenberg and it freaks me out.

My biggest concern is still why the hell someone even thought of doing this and wanted to do this anyway. Freak.

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