Warriors of Goja completely annihilate each other trying to win India’s version of Britain’s Got Talent.

It seems the Warriors of Goja sent the internet crazy a couple of weeks ago but I completely missed it and it’s probably the definition of wild insane so I figured I should include it here on Sick Chirpse. Basically, I guess this is the equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent but in India, so obviously it’s going to be slightly crazy. But I never thought it would be anywhere near THIS crazy.

The Warriors of Goja act basically starts out with some gross looking Indian men miming to some autotuned backing track which isn’t really anything special.But what happens next really is special. They basically starting beating the complete and utter crap out of each other whilst the judges look on in horror. And i’m talking totally annihilating each other when I’m talking about them beating the crap out fo each other.

They smash poles made of chalk (maybe?) against each other and then eat them, one guy gets a pile of bricks smashed with a sledgehammer over his face, another guy gets run over by a car and then a motorbike, one guy falls through about fifty poles made of glass or some kind of material that shatters easily and the whole thing goes on for 7 and a half minutes and just gets crazier and crazier, culminating with a three way bed of nails between three of the Warriors of Goja as they lie bleeding on top of each other. Oh yeah and then somebody smashes a cinder block on top of the guy on top. It really has to be seen to be believed. Apparently it’s real but it is kind of hard to believe. It’s completely out there and pretty damn brutal.

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You’ll be pleased to hear after watching this to hear that the Warriors of Goja won the Indian Talent Show. They received 300,000 rupees between them, which is the equivalent of £3500. Still, that goes a long way over there.


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