Indian Student Dies After Being Pushed Off A Roof During Safety Drill

Indian Woman

Doesn’t sound too safe.

Safety drills are normally designed to show you how to act during a dangerous situation to ensure that no harm comes to you, but unfortunately for one young Indian girl recently the complete opposite happened – and she sadly ended up dead.

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19 year old N Logeshwari was attending her college in the southern state of Tamil Nadu when the safety demonstration began. It involved jumping off the roof of the college into a safety net held by other students – which doesn’t sound like it’s that safe to beging with – but it turned fatal when Logeshwari refused to jump as she was scared of heights and the safety instructor decided to push her off the building instead. Again, hardly the definition of safety really is it? Seems kinda like something was going to go wrong from the outset doesn’t it?

After she was pushed, Logeshwari lost her balance and smashed her head on the first floor of the building. She was rushed to hospital afterwards but was pronounced dead on arrival. RIP.

Of course, this being 2018 there’s already a video of the incident doing the rounds and you can see that below. But obviously it features someone dying, so if that’s gonna upset you then I would recommend not tuning in:

Damn. That is grim. RIP again to the woman and let’s hope that they come up with some better safety drills that are actually safe over there. This should never have happened.

For more safety drills, check out this Russian army drill. You don’t wanna mess with those guys, trust.


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