Indian Guy Paragliding Goes Viral For Having An Absolute Nightmare Experience (VIDEO)

The best part is the instructor getting absolutely PISSED at him.

This hilarious video of an Indian dude having the worst time ever during his first paragliding experience has gone viral after the pure agony and anguish he goes through was met with laughter around the world.

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According to Gulf News, the man’s name is Vipin Sahu and he has an extreme fear of heights. 

Make sure you turn SUBTITLES ON to witness the hilarity (they should be on already but if not just hit ‘cc’ at the toolbar at the bottom of the video.

The best part is how the instructor gets so pissed at him that he has to kick his legs up to make sure he doesn’t shatter them upon landing.

“Move your legs up or they will break when we land”

*Vipin who hasn’t moved his legs an inch*:

The guy keeps asking him to raise his legs but all Vipin can do is offer excuse after excuse:

The instructor then delivers an absolutely BRUTAL summary of the situation:

I mean he’s not wrong there but man that must suck for Vipin’s when he watches it back and sees his manhood questioned/gets called an idiot in the most viral video in the world this week.

Not that he disagrees with the instructor upon landing, mind:

To watch a crazy video of kangaroo waiting for a paraglider to land so that it can attack him, click HERE. Imagine that had happened to Vipin – lol.


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