Indian Couple Hold Mid-Air Wedding With 160 Guests To Get Around Lockdown Rules

You couldn’t pay me to go to this wedding.

There’ve been plenty of cancelled weddings, birthdays and important ceremonies in general over the last year or so, but one couple over in India were not going to let a little worldwide pandemic scupper the plans for their big day.

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With a 50-person cap on weddings in India, the couple known only as Rakesh and Dakshina loaded 160 of their closest friends and family on a chartered plane and tied the knot in the skies. Honestly? It looks like hell on Earth…

Rakesh and Dakshina got married on board a SpiceJet plane, with airport officials unaware of the proceedings taking place directly above the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple where the couple had intended to marry.

Bit of a genius move? Sure. But if I’m one of the people of the guest list I’m absolutely fuming that Rakesh and Dakshina have insisited I get on a cramped plane for a wedding ceremony in mid-air with 160 other people. It’s not even the Covid aspect of it – if the world was completely normal I’d still absolutely hate it. Although having said that it might also be a good idea to use that same plane to quarantine these folk for the next couple weeks, just to be on the safe side.

Regardless – has to be up there (no pun intended) with the worst weddings of all time. I know India has it bad right now Covid-wise but couldn’t they have just waited a few months and see how it plays out? Guess not.

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