Dude Gets A WWE-Style Beatdown For Picking A Fight With The Wrong Person (VIDEO)

That’s why he gets the top bunk.

There’s no way of knowing what started this fight exactly but it looks like it’s taking place inside an Indian prison (well it’s either that or a nursery for grown men), which is probably right considering no one does a thing to stop the beatdown happening.

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Get a load of this guy coming off the top bunk with a move Jeff Hardy would be proud of (via Worldstar):

OK maybe Jeff Hardy wouldn’t be proud of that, but it’s pretty funny how his ‘Finisher’ meter filled up as soon as the other guy hit the floor. And how about those chair shots? Never mind WWE, dude went full-on ECW on his ass.

Let’s hope old boy survived that without too much damage – I guess there’s a reason that guy got to have top bunk.

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