Mysterious Disorder Gives Young Indian Boy 13 Inch Hands

Indian Boy Humongous Hands

Apparently this is an unprecedented medical condition.

Apparently nobody in the medical world has ever seen anything like this, which is pretty unprecedented in terms of medical conditions but it must suck the most ever for the 8 year old boy that it’s affecting over in India.

The kid’s name is Kaleem and for some reason that nobody knows his hands have grown absolutely massively to 13 inches and now weigh over in excess of over 8 kilograms. He also seems to have six fingers on each hand. Because of their size he can’t even complete simple tasks. To be honest it might be one of the weirdest conditions we’ve ever heard of, even weirder than the 10 weirdest diseases on this planet.

Kaleem also isn’t allowed to attend school anymore because his appearance scares the other kids. Although that sounds harsh, I could kind of understand why seeing something like his hands might upset an eight year old, but that definitely isn’t a reason for them to beat him up like he says they do. It just sucks basically.

To make matters worse, doctors are theorising that the increased pressure on his heart from his hands might even cause him to die an early death. Medics think that the condition might be due to a condition called Lymphangioma, which causes vessels to fill with liquid and push against the skin causing extra growth although they’re not sure and need to run more tests to come up with some kind of solution for the poor guy.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of money over there so Kaleem’s parents are asking for donations to help with his treatment. If you’ve got any spare, throw the guy a bone as this is unbelievably sad (although there’s no actual way to do that yet on the video so it might be easier said than done.


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