Indian Airport Employee Has To Dress Up As A Bear To Chase Away Actual Monkeys (VIDEO)

Where do I sign up?

A barrel of monkeys that has been terrorising an airport in Ahmedabad, India, are being dealt with in ingenious fashion – by getting one of the workers to dress up as a bear and chase them away. 

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You would think there’s some kind of animal control service they could call or something but it looks as though this employee at Sardar Vallabhbnai Patel airport is doing a decent enough job on his own:

I know what you’re thinking – how demeaning and embarrassing and soul-crushing for this airport worker to dress up in a bear costume and chase monkeys around all day. But TBH after watching the video a couple times I reckon this guy should be laughing at us. I mean look at how much fun he’s having sprinting across those fields in his bear costume! Of course you’d rather be chasing monkeys in a bear costume than doing anything else at your 9 to 5. It’s a no-brainer.

Just as long as they don’t go Planet of the Apes on you (NSFL), it looks like a whale of a time. 

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