PHOTOS: Charla Nash Had Her Eyes, Nose, Lips, Jaw & Limbs Torn Off By Chimpanzee On Xanax (NSFL)

Charla Nash Featured

These are some of the most horrific injuries I have ever seen. If you don’t want to throw up, don’t look at them.

On February 19th, 2009, a ‘trained actor’ chimpanzee called Travis that had been given tea laced with Xanax for some reason by his owner Sandra Herold brutally attacked and mauled Charla Nash (pictured above before the incident and a friend of Herold’s) , causing absolutely devastating and unparalleled harm to her face and limbs.

To say she got completely and utterly fucked up by this chimpanzee would be an understatement. The officers and medical staff who responded to the calls and saw her all had to be given counselling following their experiences because the injuries to Nash were so horrific. Doctors who operated on her said that the chimp had effectively eaten her face off.

Travis was shot dead at the scene of the attack by police officers arriving to help out when he decided to go after them as well. Charla Nash is still alive but blind for life. She recently received a facial reconstruction from doctors over in America and you can see pictures of how she looks now at the end of this article over the page.

As may be expected, she is struggling to rebuild her life following the attack – she currently resides in a nursing home where she says that the residents and staff are scared of her and barely talk to her and struggles to feed and support herself – and is currently attempt to sue the state of Connecticut for $150 million for failing to seize the animal before the attack on the basis that it may have been a danger to others.

The state claims commissioner has repeatedly refused this demand though as state law did not prohibit the private ownership of chimpanzees at the time of the attack, which smells of bullshit and obviously completely sucks for Charla (as if life doesn’t suck enough already) and her family.

If you’re squeamish, don’t scroll down. Seriously.

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