Here’s An Incredible Twitter Thread Chronicling All The Weird Places Snoop Dogg Has Shown Up Over The Years

The guy just doesn’t stop.

Snoop Dogg has been embedded in popular culture for the last forty years or something and in that time he’s popped up almost everywhere, from commentating on the Olympics to playing the narrator on some weird kids TV show to who knows what else. it kinda seems like he’s willing to do anything and everything as long as it’s kinda funny and you’ve really gotta respect that.

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I’ve obviously noticed Snoop popping up all over the place over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever really realised the extent of the dumb shit that he’s managed to get up to in his life. Thankfully, someone has created a Twitter thread of all his random appearance over the years for us to remember them by so we’ll never forget any of them again.

Let’s go:

Wow. He really does do the dumbest stuff possible and seems to have an absolute whale of a time every time doesn’t he? Sure there are a load that have been missed off there as well.

We should probably take this as an inspiration as not only is he trying new things all the time and enjoying them, but he also smokes more weed than 99% of the planet and still manages to remain incredibly productive. What an icon.

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