Check Out The Incredible Transformation Of This Bodybuilder With Down’s Syndrome

Down's Syndrome Body Builder

Absolute fair play to this kid.

Colin Clarke is a 22 year old bodybuilder with Down’s Syndrome.

He decided to stick two fingers up to the condition and pursue his goal of being a champion bodybuilder and has achieved an incredible transformation, as you can see from the picture above. He took part in his first competition on Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky and came fifth despite some stiff competition.

Colin also won a signed picture of 4 time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler, telling him to chase that dream:

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Absolute fair play to the kid. Let’s hope he keeps going and actually wins a competition one day, or perhaps even goes as far as Mr Olympia like Jay Cutler because that really would be even more inspirational than he already is.

If you need any more inspiration though, check out the video below:


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