Incredible Sculptures Made From Sheets Of Paper

Li Hongbo creates incredible sculptures from sheets of paper that have to be seen to be believed.

Art can be pretty hit and miss these days. There is some really sick stuff out there, but a lot of contemporary art seems to leave the general public pretty perplexed, and it’s probably half the reason so many galleries are choosing to do a shit load of retrospectives of old favourites rather than focus on too much new.

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Enter Li Hongbo. He creates sculptures that I believe anyone can and will enjoy. Made from sheets of paper they all look pretty normal at first but when moved their forms become distorted and present an eerie new image…..

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This seems like a pretty unique concept, and the resulting videos feel like if the Wachowskis had done The Matrix right, rather than just a creation of paper.

The works are created by gluing together thousands and thousands of pieces of paper together in a honeycomb pattern, stacking, and then carving into them to create massively impressive sculptures with some ridiculous attention to detail.

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Yes world, more art like this please.

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