Guy Makes Incredible Homemade Flamethrower; Wife Isn’t Happy About It

Homemade Flamethrower

This woman should really respect how awesome this is instead of being a moody old cow.

When you’re a redneck living in the deep south there probably isn’t much you can do in your spare time when the Redneck Olympics aren’t happening, so you have to use your imagination to come up with ideas for fun.

That’s exactly what this guy did by spending all his time making a homemade flamethrower backpack for no other reason than fun. He then just went out into some field and let it off and woah does it pack a punch. Even though he seems to be having a great time his wife is just moaning all the time throughout the video, saying he’s crazy and he shouldn’t be messing around with flamethrowers. Basically she sounds like a bitch who doesn’t appreciate how cool this piece of kit is – hopefully he used it on her shortly after the video.

The best thing about this video though is clearly how the guy doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything – he even has a cigarette in his mouth all throughout the video to look like even more of a badass, although perhaps not as much of a badass as this badass Harley Davidson rider who pops wheelies and burnouts for fun.


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