This 12 Year Old Japanese Freestyle Skater Is Completely Fucking Sick

Isamu Yamamoto

People are calling him the next Rodney Mullen.

Every now and again a viral internet video comes along that makes you wonder just what the hell you’ve been doing with your life after you’ve watched it, when someone so young is so good at something that it really puts all your achievements to shame.

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This is one of those times, where 12 year old Japanese kid Isamu Yamamoto is already one of the world’s best freestyle skaters, having only picked up a board 4 years ago. Over 20 million people have already viewed his videos and he’s already being referred to as the modern day Mullen after legendary street skater Rodney Mullen.

Check him out in action:

Er yeah, mind blown pretty much.I don’t watch skate videos every day but I’m a fairly regular watcher and some of those tricks are absolutely insane – and then you factor in the fact that the kid is only 12 years old.

How the hell did he get so good at skating in just four years? How the hell did he get his mom to let him go outside and practice when he was a little kid? Hell, how does he get her to allow him to go out and rip shit up on the reg now he’s a 12 year old kid? Is he still a virgin?

They’re just a few of the questions that crossed my mind when I was watching this video and debating my life choices. Hot damn this kid is going to be a legend if he keeps this up.

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