Balls-to-the-walls hardcore from Long Island

So I guess this isn’t really your typical Sick Chirpse recommended listening, but I figured just in case anyone who comes on here ever listens to hardcore;  I couldn’t really keep Incendiary a secret, if only to prove the point that there’s much better stuff out there than The Black Veil Brides I first heard a couple of buddies talking about these guys a couple of weeks ago, and after checking out their myspace (yeh, I’m a bit behind the times, ok?) and hearing the onslaught that is ‘Victory in Defeat’ off their 2010 split 7″ with Suburban Scum, I immediately became a fan. With a singer that’s slightly reminiscent of the (in my eyes) legendary ex-Comeback Kid singer Scott Wade, and a fast, heavy and often slightly unorthodox sound; these guys have had me rocking out in my bedroom for countless hours over the past two weeks.  If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, and don’t think I’m in any way lame for doing so, then I’d recommend checking out ‘Victory in Defeat’ below, or to get a better idea of what these guys are about; go to their Myspace and maybe even consider getting their 2009 full-length ‘Crusade’……its FUCKING RAD.



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