The Incel Community Is Reporting Female Snapchat Sex Workers To The IRS So They Lose their Hard Earned Money

David Wu

What a bunch of dickheads.

I’ve written about the incel community on here for a few times and I’ll admit to being fascinated by how so many men can actively hate all women for no real reason other than they’ve been rejected a couple of times, but every time I find out more and more about it it terrifies me more and more.

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The latest movement from the community is an active attempt to lower the income of women who for lack of a better term can be defined as sex workers and sell their services via Snapchat. We’re mainly talking about cam girls here and girls that accept donations off guys to talk to them via the internet or whatever the guy wants to pay them to do pretty much.

The incel community is so enraged by the fact that these women – who have invariably rejected them at some point of course – are owning their sexuality and using it to make money that they’re reporting their ‘extra’ income to the IRS in an effort to get them screwed over for tax evasion. It’s called the #ThotAudit. Of course it is.

I first became aware of all this after a friend I know – who isn’t an incel – retweeted this thread to highlight how ridiculous the whole situation is. I wasn’t sure if the guy writing it was an incel to begin with because it seemed too unrealistic that a person could actually be doing this, but it soon became clear he was towards the end of his rants when he put up one of the silliest memes I think I’ve ever seen. Anyway get a load of this thread:

I mean man that is so grim isn’t it? I’m all for Snapchat sex workers paying their taxes, but it’s the fact that this guy is only going after women who do this and hasn’t targeted any men who might make money off social media doing whatever they do via their channels – I dunno, game streaming or whatever – that really makes it so worrying. It’s like the Nazis all over again or something, only with better backing beats judging by that guy at the computer spouting out his hate speech (that may actually be the founder of the #ThotAudit David Wu).

It seems clear that RooshV and everyone that follows him – or at least the majority -have an unnatural and irreconcilable hatred of women for rejecting them at some point in their life. It really is horrifying and depressing that there are so many people in communities like this that are willing to take down women they don’t even know for earning money via the sex industry as well.

The incel community terrifies me and it’s only going to be a matter of time before another atrocity like the one perpetrated by Toronto van attacker Alek Minassian  goes down. I just wish I knew what I could do to help or stop these guys, but I’m at a loss. Seems like they’re all already down the rabbit hole with no hope of ever coming out again.

(EDIT – since writing this I’ve found out that it’s actually pretty hard to report people to the IRS because the information required for said form probalby isn’t going to be available on someone’s Snapchat profile, but either way it’s still pretty creepy and messed up that these dudes are targetting women and trying to scare/intimidate them. Grow up.)

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