This Man Just Posted The Most Disturbing Facebook Status Of All Time

Adrian Johnson 1

No hyperbole.

I recently became aware of the incel community following the incident in Toronto where one of them ran over a bunch of people and even though I don’t know much about it, I can tell that it’s completely and utterly messed up.

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If you need any more evidence of this then you just need to read the Facebook status of this guy Adrian Johnson.  


What the actual fuck? How can people be brought up in today’s society to think that this is an acceptable way to behave? Why the hell is this guy’s father not doing anything to curb his absolutely insane behaviour rather than encouraging it? I literally have so many questions about how someone can have an actual mindset like this, it’s beyond bizarre.

I just can’t work out how something like this even exists to be honest. Part of me is hoping that it’s some kind of parody but I don’t think anyone could even make something like this up. So fucked.

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