Inbetweeners’ James Buckley Goes On Pro-Brexit Rant, Says European Countries Are Shit Holes



In case you were wondering what James Buckley AKA Jay from the Inbetweeners’ take on the UK leaving the EU is, he’s entirely in favour of it because in his opinion Europe is a “fucking shithole”.

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James, 32, was speaking on his YouTube channel when he dissed countries including Spain, Portugal and Greece, complaining about the drinking water, “scary” cab drivers and “roads made of stone” that had ruined his holidays in said countries.

James said:

I don’t want to talk about politics but there’s the whole Brexit thing going on on at the moment and a lot of people are upset that we’re leaving the EU.

I’m sure there’s more to it but whenever I go to Spain or Greece or whatever I’m like, ‘let’s just leave this.’

Look at it, you can’t drink the water, you can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet, what are we doing? Why are we sticking around?

The thing with going to Spain, going to Greece, going to Portugal.

I’m just on edge the whole time in the sense that I think I’m going to break my neck at any point, it’s a fucking shithole, the lot of it.

Damn James, tell us how you really feel why don’t you?

He continues:

The cab drivers are really scary, the roads are made out of stones, you’ve got walls collapsing that are supposed to stop people from falling to their deaths.

I’m not into it man, especially when you’ve got two little kids.

Well he has a right to his opinion just like anyone else, but he has made some pretty dumb generalisations there that have naturally caused a bit of a backlash.

Since then James has claimed he was just joking around, which I can believe if we’re just going off the clip below:

Fair play to him, he’s dealt with the criticism pretty well there and it does look as though he was just messing about (in that clip at least) even if he does insist he is pro-Brexit (not that he voted, mind). Still a pretty bold move saying those things in the current politically correct climate but let’s be real, there’s no way Jay from the Inbetweeners is ever getting ‘cancelled’, is there?

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