Someone’s Made The Most Obscene Piece Of Stoner Food Ever

Heart attack o’clock.

This thing’s called an ‘In-N-Out Pie’ – now I have no idea what that is, but it looks ridiculous.

The pie starts with the pastry and is then layered with burger sauce, fries and then two burgers. It is then covered with a creamy sauce, topped with cheapo cheese, more fries and burger sauce and what looks like fried onions. A heart attack in an oven tray basically.

I like the inspirational music in the background — it sort of makes the whole thing seem less sinister.

I reckon the guys who made this were either stoned or inspired when stoned because in reality the final product doesn’t actually look massively appetising, unless you’ve just penged an 1/8 of the pukka and you’re on a 10 in zone red eye.

Still if you think this pie would be good for the munchies, check out these 20 incredible sandwiches for stoners.


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