In-Game Concerts, Movie Adaptations, Celebrity Cameos: Has Gaming Become The Ultimate Form Of Entertainment?



With the unprecedented success of games like Fortnite, many people are beginning to wake up to the fact that gaming is unfathomably huge. In fact, there is even a common sentiment that gaming is now even bigger than the likes of TV or cinema, and as we are going to discuss in this article, this may just be the case.

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The number of shocking developments that have taken place in the gaming industry over the last few years is truly unbelievable, and in reality, said developments are beginning to take place at a forever increasing rate. Let’s take a look and discuss whether or not gaming is now the shining jewel of entertainment that many believe it to be.

Gaming Is Overtaking Every Other Form Of Entertainment

Gaming was once a relatively niche form of entertainment, with only a small portion of people opting to get the newest devices and games. Who knew that just twenty years later, gaming would be as big as it is now, and in the present day, gaming is the most popular entertainment.

Even when compared to other heavy-hitters in the entertainment industry like TV or streaming sites, gaming flies ahead with soaring colours, and there is now no room left for the debate as to what form of entertainment is the most popular.

Moreover, when you factor in the shift in perception that has been made by the general public and the mainstream media about gaming, it just goes to show how far things have truly changed. Perhaps the best example of the climax of this change is with Fortnite and its popular interactions with mainstream media.

The number of mainstream events that have happened in just Fortnite alone is truly mind-boggling. Live concerts featuring A-list artists, celebrity cameos with top of the line celebrities, and in-game events announcing the release of new albums – Fortnite has truly done it all.

Something akin to this could never have even been thought possible just ten years ago, and this is undeniable proof that gaming has become the most popular form of entertainment. Even if we are just talking about the numbers, gaming manages to pull in an audience much higher than any of its contemporaries, and it is one of the biggest industries in the world.

More Value For Money & The Rise Of The F2P Model

One reason that often gets forgotten about by most when it comes to the discussion of the popularity of gaming is that it is much more inexpensive than most other forms of entertainment.

Of course, that’s not always the case with new releases, and it is no secret that a new game can cost you upwards of $80. However, in the grand scheme of things, there are a variety of ways that people can game without breaking the bank.

To give just one example. Let’s take a look at online hubs that offer amenities like online casinos. It is not uncommon for companies to promote their services with marketing statements like “claim the latest free spins on registration offers” or “sign up now and get your first ten spins for free”, and whilst this specific example may be contained to just the gambling industry, this can also be seen with most other avenues of gaming.

Perhaps the most notorious and widely-known version of this is with the battle pass, which in itself contains a few elements that would not seem amiss in the gambling industry. F2P models offer users fantastic value for money on the surface, being that most of the time they are completely free.

However, despite popular belief, F2P games actually end up earning more revenue in the long run than paid games, and this is due to the added incentive people have to spend money. Although, the illusion of value for money is still there, and more than that; it is there.

Players can choose to play for free without sacrificing anything but cosmetics, and not only does this do wonders for attracting new players to a game, but it also ends up being incredibly lucrative for the developers. 

Money Talks

Gaming industry statistics show that this form of entertainment brings in more cash than any other, and as you know, money is the main motivator for all businesses. The fact that so many people love gaming and are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on the newest experiences allows developers to go above and beyond to create anything they may imagine.

This leads to a cycle of success, being that companies spend millions on designing a game that people are going to enjoy, and then those said people are more than happy to spend a small fortune on whatever it is they like.

In turn, this allows developers to broaden their horizons and spend even more cash on a game, allowing them to target a wider audience and get more sales. All of this information leads to gaming being an incredibly lucrative venture, and the innovation that comes from the gaming industry because of this ensures that this cycle continues.

Even without diving too deep into things, the fact that the gaming industry draws in more money than any other form of entertainment gives more than enough evidence on its own to show how much people care for this endeavour, and it would not be a shock to see it become one of the biggest industries full-stop.

So, bringing everything in this article together, it looks as if gaming is set to become one of the biggest industries in the world. Gaming has already surpassed the likes of TV and cinema, what’s to say it is only going to stop there?

Gaming is incredibly big. Much bigger than most people could even fathom. There is no doubt in the back of anyone’s mind that gaming deserves the honour of being cited as being the ultimate form of entertainment, and whilst this may be a sign of a changing culture, in reality, the biggest impact this news has is making gamers jump for joy. Have fun.



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