Immunologist Says The Risk Of Getting COVID-19 From Grocery Shopping Is Very Small

Good to know.

It’s been almost a week of lockdown now and people are getting more and more stir crazy and more and more terrified of going to the grocery store in case they might contract the virus on their one trip out of the house per day.

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However, there is some good news here as an immunologist has come out and stated that the chances of getting COVID-19 from grocery shopping are actually pretty small. Dr Kingston Mills is the Trinity College Dublin Professor of Experimental Immunology and had the following to say about the risk from leaving your house to go to the shops:

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I think the extent of the risk of picking up the virus when shopping is very small.

I think if you are sensible, perhaps use gloves if you are going shopping and then dispose of them when you take them off but more importantly just wash your hands.

People have said maybe they should wash the wrappings on them.

My advice would be use your gloves, take off the wrapping, dispose of them and everything should be fine but quite frankly these are low risk in compared to being in contact with someone that’s infectious.

That’s a far more important message to get across and it comes back to distancing yourself from people who are potentially infected rather than picking it up from shopping.

I guess that’s good to know isn’t it? Still obviously a bit of a faff doing that every time you go out, but definitely better than getting the virus. Wash your hands.

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