The Imam Who Attacked Boris Johnson Has Tweeted About Blaming Women For Rape And Hating Jews

He told him that ‘words have consequences’.

If ever you’re going to do anything outrageous in the public eye, then you had better make sure that your social media footprint is squeaky clean because boy are you going to get dissected by everyone and their mother and usually the results aren’t going to be too pretty.

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This is Imam Abdullah Patel is finding out after he laid into Boris Johnson during the Conservative leadership TV debate last night. He asked all the candidates about their contribution to Islamophobia in this country and then told them that ‘words have consequences’, particularly Johnson’s comments about Muslim women looking like letterboxes and bank robbers in their veil.

Boris did apologise for any offence caused by his comments, but not before he had forgotten Patel’s name when speaking back to him. Classi Boris Johnson buffoonery really. Not sure what anyone else was expecting.

Abdullah actually came out of the exchange looking fairly good, but unfortunately for him he’s today finding out that his own words have consequences, as his Twitter account has revealed that he’s antisemitic and blames women for rape. That’s not so good pal:

Yeah I suppose those tweets are open to interpretation in some capacity, but most people who are reading them are going to assume that the Imam hates Jews and is a rape apologist. There’s not really any way you can talk yourself out of those comments – they’re very, very misguided thoughts that anyone with a brain wouldn’t be putting out in the public sphere. The BBC have even apologised for allowing him on the show and said they should have checked his social media before doing so. No shit – sort it out guys.

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