“I’m F**kin’ Edgar Davids!”

Edgar Davids graces Barnet with his presence and they stick him on the bench. Who do they think they are? He’s fuckin’ Edgar Davids!

Ok, it may not be the most stimulating or mind-blowing column you’ve ever read on Sick Chirpse but here’s a video of Edgar Davids being the boss that he is.

He was on Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports yesterday morning and he was talking about playing for Barnet. Apparently he plays for Barnet.  He tells Kammy and the gang that a friend of his that plays for Barnet called him up and invited him to come and play for them. At first he was like “Pfft, nahh, obviously not” (boss) but then he was like “Hey, you know”, so he turned up and they stuck him on the bench for the first half.

Hang on, Edgar Davids? On the bench for Barnet? No, he wasn’t having that. So he was like, “You know what? I’m fuckin’ Edgar Davids.” 

Get it together Barnet, who the hell do you think you are?

He also goes onto to compliment what sounds like Barnet’s bitches but actually he says pitches so that’s disappointing. But yeah, it’s pretty funny:

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