Artist Perfectly Captures Friendships From Your Favourite Movies/TV Shows

Buddy Movie Illustrations Featured

Some of the best movies/TV shows out there are buddy movies but you rarely get to see the buddies actually hanging out. Dave Collinson decided to change all that.

Some of the best movies and TV shows have been based around the friendship of its two lead characters and very often this friendship will be somewhat unconventional and unorthodox, as the two leads have been thrown together via some random twist of fate yet come out of the other side of the movie on top and BFFs for life.

Artist Dave Collinson decided to develop this theme by creating a bunch of illustrations of what he thought his favourite characters would look like if they were just hanging out in regular life, doing the kinds of things that regular buddies would get up to rather than going on some ridiculous adventure or what have you.

Of course, most of the outfits and situations are taken from the movies or TV shows that said characters appear in so it isn’t EXACTLY what they would be doing if they were actually just regular buddies like the rest of us, but hey they all look really happy and cool in the pictures so we’ll let Dave off.

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Zoolander & Hansell From Zoolander

To be fair, there isn’t much that these two do together except walk around looking good in stupid clothes and shoes, so Dave pretty much nailed this look.

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