Someone Threw An Illegal Rave In The Back Of A Van In The Middle Of A Quiet Town Centre

Illegal Rave Van

Can’t stop the party.

I think that we can all agree that the worst part of any night out is when the club stops and you have to head back home, so how stoked would you be if an illegal rave just turned up in the middle of the city as you were just about to head home?

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As you can see in the video below, the answer is very. The guys from Trollstation decided to set up an illegal rave in the back of a van and drive it into some small town where the only club was spilling out onto the streets and the punters just lapped it up, raving so hard that the police eventually had to shut it down.

I suppose this was the only way that this was ever really going to go, wasn’t it?

Jokes. It’s even better that all the people involved with the ‘rave’ aren’t even the kind of youngsters you would expect this kind of behaviour off, but all middle aged people that you would probably expect way better behaviour from. Not this time though – they just can’t resist that dance remix of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’. Nobody can.

For more illegal raves, check out this elderly couple who accidentally stumbled upon one and had the time of their lives. Such an inclusive experience.


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