IKEA Want To 3D Print Your Butt So They Can Build The Perfect Fitting Chair


This is why we’re developing technology.

Whatever way you look at it, 3D printing is cool because if you know what you’re doing you can literally build anything you want right there and then – you can’t deny that’s awesome.

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However, in the early days of 3D printing they’re busy building boring important stuff like fake kidneys and houses and things, but it seems like finally retail chains are tapping into its unbelievable potential by using it to build the very first chairs that are custom made to fit the shape of your ass. Obviously these are going to be unbelievably comfortable and are probably going to revolutionise the chair market, so we can’t wait for them to become available.


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IKEA are pioneering the technology – which is as good a place as any to start – in partnership with 3D printing company Unyq and educational e-sports group Area Academy and they aim to have customised prototype chairs for gamers in mass production by 2020. New research has revealed that gamers can spend up to 6 hours sat on their butts playing video games (I mean so do most office workers hey?) and IKEA reasons by scanning the contours of your butt they can make these chairs a lot more comfortable and also safer for your posture too. Result.

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