Iggy Azalea Thought This Fan Was About To Compliment Her, Instead Hits Her With Brutal Diss

That was mean.

Iggy Azalea has been a bit of a music industry punching bag for a while now, and I think a lot of it started when she stopped showing her butt as much so people had to start paying attention to her lyrics and realised she was terrible.

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Well the other day she was walking through the airport when a fan approached her as though he was going to compliment her. Instead, he completely ruined her day.

Ouch. You have to admit that was kind of mean. I’m no Iggy Azalea fan and can see why people get annoyed with her but at the same time it gets a bit much when you see one sole celebrity get singled out and bullied for what seems like years now.

Still, have to rate the guy on some level for saying that to her face instead of jumping online and sending nasty Tweets at her. Although he did run away quick time afterwards. Why didn’t she just ask one of her homeboys to run after him and knock him out? Then she wonders why no one thinks of her as a “real” hip hop artist.

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