Idris Elba Is Training To Be A Pro Kickboxer In Just 12 Months For His New TV Series


Putting himself to the test.

A lot of the time when you watch MMA, boxing or any kind of combat sport on television, you don’t really have any idea how long the people in the ring have been training for just to get to that point. Idris Elba’s show might just help you out with figuring it out though.

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Elba might be fairly stacked and may have made his name as a hardman in most of his movies/television appearances, but he wants to put this image to the test in real life by becoming a kickboxer. He gave himself a 12 month time period to achieve his goal, and the Discovery Channel went about filming his journey for a new television series.

If you know anything about combat sports then you know that 12 months is an insanely short period of time to try and go from a novice to a professional, and as such this looks like it’s going to be an incredibly intense and epic TV show following Idris throughout the year. Check out the trailer for the show below:

Yeah well, looks like Idris is gonna have to go through hell and back even before he gets in the ring and it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. Can’t wait really – love shows like that. Here’s hoping Idris can pull it out of the bag – I wouldn’t bet against him.

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